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About Me

I am a multidisciplinary designer, maker, and storyteller. I believe narratives and storytelling are at the center of our experiences, and critical to how we interpret the world around us. After all, memories are just stories we retell. Let’s work together to create stories worth retelling.

I hold both a degree in Interaction Design, and a Certificate in Creativity and Creative Problems Solving from Sheridan College. In school, I made a name for myself for my unique projects — for breaking limits, radical ideation, and creating unconventional possibilities, learning beyond the curriculum to incorporate different technologies and merge them together.

Currently, I’m looking for opportunities to join challenging environments that offer a breadth of different problems to tackle, with like minded individuals that value teaching and learning from others — values that shaped the individual I am today.

Work life aside, I’m a bit of a character. I’ve been playing guitar for almost my entire life, and I think I’m pretty good at it. Known best for my perfectly placed puns and for terrorizing zoom calls with my virtual background shenanigans.

Don’t believe me? Let’s book a chat, and I’ll show you how it's done.

About Me

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